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Dr. Joseph E. Scherger

Dr. Joseph E. Scherger

About The Author

Joseph E. Scherger, M.D., M.P.H., is Vice President for Primary Care and Marie E. Pinizzotto, MD, Chair of Academic Affairs at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California. Dr. Scherger is President of the Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA) in 2017.

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Comments on UnDo It! by Dean and Anne Ornish

Dean Ornish and his wife Anne Ornish have a formula for achieving great health and avoiding or reversing heart disease, cancer and the risk factors that lead to these. Dean Ornish was the first to show coronary heart disease could be reversed by a very low fat... Read More →

Comments on The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry, MD

The Coachella Valley is fortunate to have Dr. Steven Gundry practicing “restorative medicine” here since 2002. The former head of cardiothoracic... Read More →

Comments on Eat to Beat Disease by William W. Li, MD

Eat to Beat Disease is a groundbreaking book by a Cambridge, MA based physician who is an expert in angiogenesis, the making of new blood vessels. Read More →

The Good and the Not So Good about the Ornish Plan for Optimal Health

Dean Ornish and his wife Anne Ornish have a formula for achieving optimal health and avoiding or reversing heart disease and... Read More →

Are There Genius Foods?

A young filmmaker and health care journalist, Max Lugavere, teamed with a concierge wellness physician in New York... Read More →

A Code for Healthy Longevity

Kris Verburgh, MD is a young scientist from Belgium who also teaches at Singularity University in the Silicon Valley of California. The singularity refers to when man and technology... Read More →

The End of Type 2 Diabetes

Jason Fung, MD of the University of Toronto has taken “Ockham’s razor” to simply the management of Type 2 Diabetes. William of Ockham (1287-1347) was... Read More →

Comments on Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? By Mark Hyman MD

It is important news for the healthy nutrition world when Mark Hyman comes out with a new book. Dr. Hyman is the director of... Read More →

Is It Food Addiction?

I recently read the 2012 book by Dr. Pamela Peake titled The Hunger Fix (Rodale).  Here Dr. Peake presents detailed advice for how to get over your “false fixes” to unhealthy foods and... Read More →

We Finally Understand Overweight and Obesity

Jason Fung, MD taught me how not to eat. I never realized I could skip meals and have greater mentally clarity and plenty of energy. Read More →

Reversing Cognitive Decline – The End of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Fifty per cent of Americans will have dementia by age 85. This is a growing epidemic. Cognitive decline starts much earlier. We now know the cause. Too much... Read More →

Comments on Perfect Health Diet by Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet

A Stanford student interested in nutrition told me that Perfect Health Diet by Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet of Cambridge, MA influenced her to eat healthy.  This book was... Read More →

Comments on How Not to Die by Michael Greger, MD, Flatiron Books, 2015

I am thankful to an Eisenhower Medical Center Internal Medicine resident urging me to read this book. The resident follows a whole food plant based diet as advocated by Dr. Greger, who is also the founder of the website, Dr. Greger follows in the tradition of... Read More →

The Great Food Debate – Mark Hyman vs Joel Fuhrman

Doctors Mark Hyman (Eat Fat, Get Thin) and Joel Fuhrman (Eat To Live) are champions of healthy nutrition. Both doctors achieve amazing results with... Read More →

In Praise of Michael Pollan, and a Criticism

Michael Pollan is a journalist who has focused on food and nutrition for two decades. His work is so scholarly that he became... Read More →

Getting Over GI Problems is Not Difficult

I recently read a medical journal article on managing irritable bowel syndrome... Read More →

Be Sure Your Fats are Healthy

With all the attention on the very low carbohydrate diet, and the importance of not... Read More →

High Blood Sugar is
Carbohydrate Overload

High blood sugar is common. Most Americans have it by being a prediabetic or having... Read More →

Intermittent Fasting

Amazon sells more than 5000 books on fasting, and many were written during.... Read More →

Is the Ketogenic Diet Right
for You?

The ketogenic diet is getting a lot of attention today, and for good reason.... Read More →

Vegan vs Vegetarian vs Paleo – What Diet is Healthiest?

In order to live we must eat life. All our food must come from living things.... Read More →

Welcome to Lean and Fit
Life Blog

I welcome all of you to this blog to further the best information for living a healthy lean and fit life!.... Read More →



There are many lists of “superfoods”, known as the healthiest of all foods to eat. Most of these lists overlap with nuts, seeds, many vegetables, avocadoes and berries taking center stage. I compiled the following list... Read More →

Suggested Daily Meal Plan

Healthy nutrition does not require counting calories, even if you want to lose weight. By eating a diet high in fat and protein from healthy sources, the appetite is greatly reduced resulting in eating fewer calories... Read More →


Supplements are no substitute for food for being healthy. The healthiest and longest living people on earth take little or no supplements. However there are some important supplements to consider ... Read More →

Recommended Reading

Jason Fung The Obesity Code (2016) and The Diabetes Code (2016), both by Greystone books. Jason Fung is a nephrologist at the University of Toronto and founder of... Read More →

Barbara Rogers’ Recipes

My friend and patient Barbara Rogers read Lean and Fit and quickly lost what little extra weight she had. She felt so much better. As someone who loves to cook, she started writing recipes... Read More →