High Blood Sugar is Carbohydrate Overload

High blood sugar is common.  Most Americans have it by being a prediabetic or having diabetes.  This goes along with being overweight or obese.  Your genes have something to do with how high your blood sugar is relative to your weight and age, but everyone will get high blood sugar if they consume too many carbohydrates and develop too much body fat.

It is important to remember that our bodies do not need carbohydrates.  The Inuit living in the Artic regions are able to get all of their nutrition including vitamins and minerals from eating a caribou and no carbohydrates.  The same is true for the Samburu and Maasai tribes in Africa.  Our bodies are perfectly able to develop blood sugar from both protein and fat. When we get our blood sugar that way the level stays steady and normal.  No spikes in blood sugar or the drops of hypoglycemia.  No bouts of hunger pains unless we are truly starving.

The body fat we accumulate, especially around the waist, comes from eating too many carbohydrates, from grains, sweets and excess alcohol.  Fat is stored energy and carbohydrates are nothing more than a rapid energy food we can actually do without.  Many high performance athletes do well on diets of fat and protein and become fat burners with a steady blood sugar. That is a great formula for endurance and the ability to fast, all part of being lean and fit.

Since eating too many carbohydrates is one of the biggest problems with our Western diet, we should rethink how we describe the common health problems of overweight, obesity, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.  Becoming overweight is from eating an excess of carbohydrates, and becoming obese is a more extreme version of that.  Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are from chronic carbohydrate intoxication.  Think of these problems that way and it will be easier to say no to bread, cookies and cakes, ice cream and other sweets, and that second and third drink you do not really need.