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Suggested Daily Meal Plan - From Dr. Scherger’s Book: Lean and Fit

A Doctor’s Journey to Healthy Nutrition and Greater Wellness

Suggested Daily Meal Plan

Healthy nutrition does not require counting calories, even if you want to lose weight. By eating a diet of the real foods of nature, high in healthy fat and adequate protein from healthy sources, the appetite is greatly reduced resulting in eating fewer calories naturally. Limited carbohydrates, and eating only those in natural foods, does not result in the unstable blood sugar common among those eating grains, sweets and drinking excessive alcohol. 

Presented here are what to eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However, as a result of the work of Jason Fung, MD, stressing the importance of intermittent fasting, I recommend that adults eat just one or two meals a day.  Here some choices that I make if I eat during these meal times.

Currently my routine is to eat the breakfast below and then skip lunch, staying well hydrated and alert by sipping coffee with cream.  I get two fasting periods each day, about 10 hours between breakfast and dinner and 12 hours overnight.  This works well for me with a healthy weight, fasting blood sugar of 85, and a fasting insulin of 4.5.  For retired people who have total control over their daily schedule, I recommend the two meals in one 8 hour period, such as between 11 am and 7 pm.  That way they get 16 hours of fasting in daily.  Remember this is a usual routine and does not need to be followed every day such as when traveling.  The proof of your meal plan is in your results.


My bowl no longer contains cereal, rather:

  1. A handful of tree nuts. a combination of almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashew nuts or Brazil nuts. Mix and match as you like for variety.

  2. A layer of berries, usually fresh blueberries, but sometimes strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, or as back-up dried cranberries.  About ¼ cup.

  3. Three heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt with live cultures, preferably goat milk or coconut milk. Will settle for whole cow’s milk if that is all that is available. Alternative or in addition some plain Kefir.

  4. A layer of ground flaxseed, chia seeds or hemp seeds.

  5. Unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk for added moisture. Will use whole cow’s milk if that is all that is available.

I often have two eggs, hard boiled or fried in coconut oil or butter. Do not cook with olive oil since the fat becomes a trans-fat with frying.

After these high protein foods, I may have a banana and/or an orange. The sugar in these fruits is absorbed more slowly after eating protein.

Water, coffee or teas are the best beverages during the day.

This hearty breakfast will nourish me even with hard work for the rest of the day.


If I have lunch a salad, preferably with spinach and other vegetables, avocado, nuts, berries and a protein such as shrimp, salmon or chicken breast. No croutons!

Water, coffee or tea.


Have an entrée source of protein such as wild salmon, scallops or other fish.  If meat, a modest portion of grass fed beef such as a petit filet, lamb, pork, chicken or turkey. I eat fish two times to one over meat.

Combine that with a healthy vegetable such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli, squash or yams, carrots, and tomatoes. Occasionally I will have whole or Rosemary potatoes.  Potatoes are a starch, but they have many nutrients and my exercise is able to compensate for carbohydrates. Sometimes I eat vegetarian and my entrée is tofu or eggplant. 

Water and one glass of red wine other alcohol may be used but avoid the grains such as wheat in beer. An ultra-light beer is acceptable, as is white wine.

A modest amount of dark chocolate or fruit may be taken for dessert with the glass of wine. Look for at least 70% cocoa in the dark chocolate.

This meal plan does not require any snacking, and eating between meals is to be avoided. If I skip lunch and want an afternoon snack, I will eat an apple or a KIND bar which have no grains.  A trail mix of nuts, seeds and modest dried fruit is also a healthy snack if desired.  In general, I have learned that I feel better without these things.

Put fasting periods into your day and night schedule.  Fasting is very healthy for your metabolism and is much easier when fat and protein are the mainstay of your diet.


The information presented in this book is the result of many years of practice experience and clinical research by the author. The information in this book, by necessity, is of a general nature and not a substitute for an evaluation or treatment by a competent medical specialist. If you believe you are in need of medical intervention, please see a medical practitioner as soon as possible.
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